Prune Juice Issue 16: July 2015

Issue 16: July 2015

Issue 16: July 2015


Hope you all are enjoying your July no matter what season it is for you. It is always a thrill for me to receive so many submissions from people all over the globe. Hope you find a few minutes to kick back and enjoy this selection.





Prune Juice Issue 15, Spring 2015, is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Issue 15: March 2015

Issue 15: March 2015

Go to the Issues page and click on the cover to begin reading. I’m happy to see some old friends in this issue, as well as some work from writers who are new to Prune Juice. I hope there is something in this issue to please all you senryu lovers out there. BTW, Congratulations to our proofreader, Christina Nguyen, and her husband on the upcoming birth of their son. I am sure the girls are happy about getting a baby brother!


Here’s your November dose of Prune Juice!

Go to the issues page and click on this issue’s funny face jug cover to get your November dose of Prune Juice. I am proud of the variety of senryu, senryu sequence, haibun and haiga in this issue. Our contributors hail from all over the world. I think you’ll see a few new names on this month’s pages. Welcome new contributors to the Prune Juice family!

Thanks to all of the poets, the cover artists, to Christina Nguyen for her fine proofreading eye, and to Ray French for his technical abilities in helping me get the issue online.


A Reminder!

Before submitting to Prune Juice, please be sure to read the submission guidelines carefully.  Also, read a few past issues to see what types of things we publish.  I have included links and instructional information  in my editor’s notes to educate on what constitutes a senryu and what elements I look for.

I can always tell when a submitter has taken the time to do these things, and it makes a big difference on whether or not your work will be published.

Thank you!

Prune Juice Issue 12, March 2014 has hit the virtual newsstand!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s been a long, cold, (but hopefully not lonely) winter.  If it’s sunny where you are, take your lap top, go find a tree, and enjoy the latest issue of Prune Juice! If it’s a gloomy, gray day, stay inside — you’re sure to find something in this issue to make your day a little bit brighter!

Prune Juice Issue 11 is now online!

Whew!  With lots of help I managed to get the November issue out in November!    A big thank-you to all of the contributors, to Bruce Boynton, Christina Nguyen, Ray French, and Jim Gardepe for your creativity and keen eyesight! So, get a nice cup of tea or beverage of choice, sit back and enjoy the read.