Prune Juice is proud to co-sponsor two annual contests with the journal Failed Haiku, edited by Michael Rehling. These contests honor the memory and artistic influence of two poets whose contributions remain significant to the senryu community. They are Gene Murtha and Jane Reichhold:

H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest

Subs Open: May 21-31, 2020
Winners Announced: July 1, 2020
Guidelines: CLOSED

Gene Murtha left us too soon, but his humor, tenderness, and a superb gift of imagination remains in his many poems, most of which you can find by searching ‘The Heron’s Nest‘. Gene touched on subjects and emotions that ran the gamut of a life that is fully lived. He loved nature, family, and his fellow poets. Any flaws that he had, and he would admit to many, were overshadowed by his ability to express the most complex emotions simply and directly.

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Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition

Subs Open: September
Winners Announced: November
Guidelines: CLOSED

Jane’s passing touched many of us; her love of all the haiku arts was legendary. We especially wanted her love of haiga and of senryu to be remembered and celebrated by artists and poets of both forms. Jane Reichhold was a poet/artist who worked in every form of haiga, some of which can be found at her site: AHA Poetry. A short memorial for her is posted at Under the Basho, with a link to her own long body of work. Jane inspired many, and we hope she will continue to inspire. This Haiga contest features two submission categories: Traditional and Photo/Mixed Media.

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Cash prizes available for both contests!
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