Issue #31 July 2020

Celebrating 10 Years: 2009-2019

This commemorative feature spotlights notable work from past issues,
selected by Terri L. French, Steve Hodge, and Brent Goodman.

~ PLUS ~

Announcing winners of the 5th Annual H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest!

Alexis Rotella
Masked Man

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2020 5th Annual H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest Winners

First Place:

the lingering notes
of an out of tune piano
burying grandpa

— Louise Hopewell

Second Place:

lockdown loving
the surprise of wild
nose hairs

— Roberta Beary

Third Place:

she takes a selfie with
the new wig

— Minal Sarosh 

Read all 2020 honorable mentions and judges’ comments (PDF)

Celebrating the TOP 5 Prune Juice Contributors of ALL TIME (2009-2019)

Which TOP 5 Contributors have appeared in the most issues of Prune Juice since 2009? Enjoy a sampling of their senryu over the years . . .

#Chen-ou Liu 

      26 issues since PJ #03 2010

#2  Bob Lucky 

      22 issues since PJ #01 2009

#3. Helen Buckingham

       21 issues since PJ #01 2009

#4.  Julie Warther

       20 issues since PJ #11 2013

#5.  Sondra J. Byrnes

      19 issues since PJ #07 2012

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