A Reminder!

Before submitting to Prune Juice, please be sure to read the submission guidelines carefully.  Also, read a few past issues to see what types of things we publish.  I have included links and instructional information  in my editor’s notes to educate on what constitutes a senryu and what elements I look for.

I can always tell when a submitter has taken the time to do these things, and it makes a big difference on whether or not your work will be published.

Thank you!

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone.  I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the autumn weather.  Here in Alabama the leaves are beginning to turn and  firewood is stacking up in preparation for winter.  I hope to hunker inside and work on getting Prune Juice out to you all in the next couple of weeks.  This volume is pretty packed with great senryu, kyoka, haibun and haiga, as well as a very informative and entertaining feature by Bruce Boynton.  It may take you a couple of nights to get through it all!

As always, if anyone has comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to send them my way.  Together we will keep “The Juice” fresh!



Changes to Submissions page

Hi guys, remember when I asked you to bear with me?  Bruce and I have decided that four issues might be too many for us to handle, so we have decided to go with three issues a year, published in March, July and November.

Also, you no longer have to send separate emails for senyru/kyoka, haiga and haibun, but should send them all in one email.  I thought the separate emails would make it easier for me to organize, turns out that wasn’t so.

Thanks for your patience.  The July issue is on schedule and looking good!

Recommended reading. . .

I would highly like to recommend that everyone out there interested in senryu and it’s history, read the article by Ce Rosenow, “Written in the Face of Adversity:The Senryu Tradition in America,” in the WInter-Spring 2013 issue of Modern Haiku.  This is an excellently written, well researched article by Ms. Rosenow and clearly shows how senryu can go well beyond light humor and satire.  As stated in her conclusion, “When its focus centers on human activities during times of great difficulty, senryu offers moment by moment reiterations of human persistence in the face of adversity.” 

Prune Juice update

Due to unforeseen circumstances Curtis Dunlap is unable to serve as Editor of Prune Juice.  As of Issue 10, July, 2013, I will act as Editor, with Bruce Boynton continuing to serve as Features Editor.  I would ask that any submissions previously made for Issue 10 be resubmitted.  The deadline for these resubmissions and new submissions is June 15.  Please go to the submissions page for details.

As this is my first stint as an editor, I ask for your tolerance and patience as I learn the ropes.  I look forward to reading your work and will do my best to continue the quality publication that Alexis and Liam have previously given to you.

Terri L. French