Issue 3 Published

PRUNE JUICE is proud to present Prune Juice : Journal of Senryu & Kyoka : Issue 3.

The Winter 2010 edition features new poems from the likes of Sanford Goldstein, Alexis Rotella and George Swede to name just three. The journal is presented online free of charge courtesy of

Submissions for issue 4 (to be released July 2010) are now being considered. Please visit the submissions page for details.

Click here to read Prune Juice : Issue 3 : Winter 2010.

Modern Haiga 2009 print edition published

Modern Haiga annual journal is dedicated to publishing and promoting fine modern graphic poetry. Writers and artists around the world have generously shared their work in Modern Haiga. Whether traditional or modern, delicately minimal or vibrantly complex, hand-crafted or digitally produced, the quality of contemporary haiga continues to astound … It is still a rare delight to discover a true haigaa visual moment in which poem and image seem to work with equal strength to create that spark for which we all strive. This 2009 final edition of Modern Haiga is a firework display of this year’s sparks, each produced by artists who not only exhibit distinct control over their words and pictures but also over their understanding for what marries the two art forms in order to create another.

The poets and artists included in this issue are: Marnie Brooks, Mary Davila, Audrey Downey, M. Frost, Judith Gorgone, Dan Hardison, John Hawkhead, Colin Jones, Jacek Margolak, Ruth Mittelholtz, Elena Naskova, Linda Pilarski, Carol Raisfeld, Sarah Rehfeldt, Violette Rose-Jones, Alexis Rotella, Manoj Saranathan, and Liam Wilkinson.

The full-color, letter-size, perfect bound paperback book is priced at $34.95 and is available at our Lulu store, and at our MET Press website,

Thank you, all the fine poets and artists who submitted their work to Modern Haiga 2009, and to the very hard-working board of editors, Liam Wilkinson (chief editor), Linda Papanicolaou, Raffael de Gruttola, Carol Raisfeld, and Ron Moss. This is the final issue of Modern Haiga. It has been a great experience!